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The St. Andrew Bay Pilots Association is an elite group of highly trained, skilled, and experienced professional mariners. Each pilot goes through a rigorous state regulated selection and training program before being accepted as a state licensed pilot. All St. Andrew Bay Pilots hold licenses as First Class Pilots from the U.S. Coast Guard and the State of Florida, Department of Business and Professional Regulation and State Board of Pilot Commissioners. The Pilot serves as the local expert to ensure the safe navigation and maneuvering of ships when entering and departing the port.

The history of St. Andrew Bay bar pilots is traced back to 1880 when Captain Stephen Anderson guided the cattle boats from Grassy Point on North Bay through the old pass enroute to Cuba. The first appointment of a bar pilot was in 1908 when Captain W.E. Spiva was assigned the task. Captain Spiva was joined in 1913 by Captain Alex Alexander and Captain T.L. Croft. Today Richard Frudaker and Zach Condon are the active state harbor pilots.

About Pilots

Pilot Role

Failure to do the job properly can cause irreparable damage to the environment and can certainly have far-reaching effects beyond that.
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Become A Pilot

To obtain a harbor pilot’s license, there are numerous procedures that are highly-regulated and required by state law and board rules.
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Facts About Pilots

Without harbor pilots, the lives and safety of the people of Florida and the protection of the state’s ports and coastal environment would be at risk.
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